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Our Governance structures are established to help CHC flourish.


Master of Education

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Dr Colette

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Dr Peter

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Ps. Ken
MBA Chair of CHC Council

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Ps. Phil
MBA Vice Chair of the Council

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The corporate and academic governance of CHC is overseen by the CHC Council.

In accordance with Section 2S of the Council Charter, a number of Committees to assist Council in the execution of its duties. The Committees, which make recommendations and report to Council are:

鈥 Finance Committee
鈥 Fundraising Committee
鈥 Honorary Titles Advisory Committee
鈥 Nominations Committee
鈥 Professoriate Appointments Advisory Committee
鈥 Remuneration Committee
鈥 Risk Management Committee .

Academic Board

As the principal committee dealing with all academic priorities of the College, the major functions of Academic Board are to develop, implement, monitor and review academic programs, standards and processes, to develop, approve, implement and review academic policy, and to provide advice to Council on matters concerning the quality of academic programs at CHC.

The collective oversight of the academic community is exercised through CHC Academic Board and its sub-committees:
鈥 Course Development Committee
鈥 Learning and Teaching Committee
鈥 Research Committee
鈥 School Advisory Committee

CHC Executive

The CHC Executive exists to manage the functions of CHC in alignment with its policies and strategic plan, and is an advisory committee to the President.

The main functions of Executive are to:

鈥 Implement the CHC Strategic Plan
鈥 Keep CHC aligned to its stated purpose, mission, and vision
鈥 Ensure the development of and compliance with CHC management policies and procedures
鈥 Oversee the efficient management of staff, operations, and finances
鈥 Coordinate and liaise between academic, operational, and administrative functions of CHC
鈥 Ensure the wellbeing and safety of students, faculty, and staff

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